Membership in The Finnish Tree Care Association

The members of the association are primarily arborists and other horticulture professionals interested in tree care. In the beginning of 2015 the total number of members was over 250 and it is growing steadily.

The association offers four types of membership: full membership, business membership, supporting membership and student membership. Natural and legal persons that agree to the purpose of the association can be accepted as full members. Business membership may be granted to a company that operates in the field of horticulture and/or forestry, and employs permanently at least one certified arborist. Natural and legal persons who wish to support the purpose and activities of the association may apply for supporting membership. Lastly, student membership may be granted to full-time students within the broad field of landscaping, horticulture and forestry.

The rules of the association have last been updated on 11 December 2009. (The rules of the association in English)

The principles for keeping the membership register are stated in the data protection description.

The terms and benefits of business membership

The terms of business membership

Business membership may be granted to a company that operates in the field of horticulture and/or forestry, and employs permanently at least one certified arborist.
Business members must attend to their corporate social responsibility.
Business members must comply with good professional working methods and practices, as well as the principles of the association.
The Board of the association grants business membership after reviewing the application.

The benefits of business membership

– Business members earn visibility in the members’ newsletter (put out four times a year).
– Employees of a business member may participate in the association’s seminars and purchase its products and publications at a members’ price, provided that the entry fees and items purchased are paid for by the company and in the name of the company.
– A link to the company’s own website will be listed in the Business Members section on the association’s website.
-Only business members’ contact information is passed on to customers who approach the association to inquire about tree care services.
– Business members have the right to use the Business Member logo and/or sticker in their own material and marketing.
– A joint full-page advertisement for all business members is published inViherympäristö, the trade magazine of the Finnish Association of Landscape Industries (Viherympäristöliitto ry, VYL) once a year.
– Business members get campaign discounts off the prices of various VYL products, e.g. -20 % on trade publications and -10 % on seminars.
– A members’ leaflet via e-mail whenever needed.
– The business members’ fee includes the benefits of a full member, including the members’ newsletter four times a year (in print or electronic form).

Membership fees in 2015

The fee depends on the type of membership:
– full members 28 €
– supporting members 60 €
– student members 17 €
– business members, 160 € (1 employee), 260 € (2-9 employees), 500 € (10 employees or more)

Members’ newsletter

To inform its members of topical matters and events of both the association and the tree care industry, the association puts out a members’ newsletter four times a year and a members’ leaflet whenever needed.

In 2015 the members’ newsletter is put out as follows:
issue 1/2015 on week 08 (contributors’ deadline: February 6, 2015)
issue 2/2015 on week 17 (contributors’ deadline: April 10, 2015)
issue 3/2015 on week 35 (contributors’ deadline: August 14, 2015)
issue 4/2015 on week 43 (contributors’ deadline: October 9, 2015)

The editorial board will be delighted to accept articles and article topic ideas at tiedottaja @

To make sure that members get the newsletters and leaflets in time, the association needs to keep an up-to-date directory. If you move, or your contact information changes, please inform the secretary of the association at sihteeri @ For the membership register we need your full name, street address, postal code, telephone number and e-mail address.

Membership applications

If you are applying for full membership, supporting membership or student membership, you can send your application to the secretary of the association at sihteeri @

If you are applying for business membership, send a signed application to the association’s mail address:

Suomen Puunhoidon yhdistys SPY ry
c/o Viher-Tilit
Ahvenruohontie 16
49400 Hamina